• Surface Treatment Division has sandblasting, polishing, dry ice, plasma, and other categories, professional development, and manufacturing of various types of surface treatment equipment, on behalf of the project with automatic grinding machine, automatic plasma grilled flash equipment, ice machines, automatic and efficient addition to sandblasting flash equipment, research and development and manufacture of automatic and efficient sandblasting except flash equipment in Jiangsu Province won the first sets of major equipment and key components identified, has been awarded a number of patents in this area.

        • Intelligent assembly division has for years engaged in intelligent assembly equipment development and production of high-tech talent team, over the years, adhering to the "innovation, focus, professional" concept. Combined with multi-axis robot applications, positioning and vision systems by independent research and development, has been gradually formed a set of product structure, hardware, software, algorithms in one of the professional production, research and development and application teams, research and production of major equipment have automatic precision parts assembly machines, automatic assembly machine mobile phone accessory, ABSS brake assembly assembly line, auto assembly line engine housing components, semi-automatic placement machine.

        • Intelligent Detection Division in the field of research and development of advanced intelligent detection testing equipment and services for many customers to provide intelligent detection and system integration solutions. Always adhere to the independent innovation, the introduction, digestion, absorption and innovation of the road, to achieve a new leap forward, research and development and production of a variety of high-precision, high-speed, modular testing equipment, major equipment thrust displacement detector, the amount of flatness fast measuring machine, laser CCD detector appearance of size, relative position rotary CCD detector, leak testing equipment, etc.

        • Laser Laser Technology Division by a group of academic leaders and senior experts. After years of technology accumulation and technological exchanges and close cooperation with world-renowned laser parts suppliers, closely follow the international forefront of technology, research and design of the small pieces of automatic laser welding lines, laser marking machine, laser flash device in addition to the multi-mode out double laser cutting machines and other equipment, the company has a number of product ahead of the domestic industry.

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        Our team from the Chinese University of renowned Prof. Dr. led, the backbone of R & D employees are from the world's top 500 industrial automation business, a strong sense of innovation and R & D infrastructure, research and design a variety of breakthrough in the art to fill the vacancies equipment.

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